E-Commerce Gaming

Tobique First Nation was among the early pioneers in recognizing the potential of the interactive gaming industry. Since then, the Commission has consistently granted licenses and overseen a variety of  platforms.

The Commission introduced its Regulations for E-Commerce Gaming, effectively overseeing E-Commerce Gaming for a significant duration compared to many other jurisdictions worldwide.

Player Protection


The Commission’s primary function is to provide for the protection of players who choose to participate in the online gaming offered by the Commission’s permit holders.

  • Protection

    The primary function of the Commission is to ensure the protection of players who opt to engage in the gaming services provided by the Commission’s Land-Based Gaming Facility Operators.

  • Regulations

    The Tobique Gaming Law empowers the Commission to enact such regulations as are necessary to fulfill its mandate as the gaming regulator for Tobique.

Who we serve

Our Licensees

  • Permit Holders

    For details about the various types of permits issued under the E-Commerce Gaming Regulations and a comprehensive list of our current permit holders please contact us below.

  • Players

    To learn more about safeguarding players who opt to engage in the online gaming services provided by the Commission’s authorized operators please contact us below.